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Processing Plants

The Envirotec Group is actively engaged in the design and construction of state of the art processing plants for the process of fruit and vegetables. These plants incorporate dehydrators, brusher finishers, aseptic treatment, blast freezers, cold rooms, low humidity holding rooms and all aspects of refrigeration.
The external and internal walls along with the ceilings of the processing plants, are constructed from refrigeration panelling, which is hygienic and easy to maintain. The various rooms of the plant are either air-conditioned or refrigerated depending on their application. For example: processing, packaging, pureeing, staff amenities and holding rooms. We design our processing and packaging plants to comply with state and federal health requirements, and for our clients planning to export product we also comply with AQIS requirements.

The dehydrators will vary in size depending on our customers requirements and may range from 500kg to 5000kg (wet product load) and larger if need be.
The most versatile of our dehydrators is the EVK1000DR Dehydrator. This model dehydrator has a capacity of up to 1500kg of product, and is capable of drying product down from 90% plus moisture content to 10% moisture content in well under twenty four hours, making it ideal for drying fruit such as mango. If there is a need for the product to be cut thinner then the drying time in this dehydrator will be under twelve hours.

Envirotec Group’s blast freezers are designed to the individual needs of each processing plant. These blast freezers are capable of freezing products within the optimum time requirements to ensure the smallest possible ice particle size. These time requirements will vary depending on the product being frozen. Our cold rooms are also customized to the specific requirements of each processing plant, taking into account requirements such as high or low humidity. Likewise with freezer holding rooms our customers special needs are taken into consideration.

The processing lines are custom made to suit the particular product or products being processed, and are constructed by highly qualified personnel. Specialized equipment may be outsourced from reputable manufacturers.

The packaging equipment and weighers are outsourced from well known manufacturers. This equipment is sized to suit the special requirements of each individual processing plant. Other specialized equipment such as the aseptic treatment of puree, can be incorporated into the processing plant and operated using Envirotec Group’s energy converters which take advantage of energy that is normally wasted. These energy converters convert discarded energy (Hot Air) into hot water to assist the aseptic process. Also these energy converters can supply hot water to the processing plant by converting waste energy (Hot Air) from the freezers and or dehydrators into hot water. The resulting hot water for free adds up to big savings in operating costs.

Envirotec Group maintains the philosophy that all product introduced for processing should be processed where possible, thereby cutting operating costs by maximising profitability. As well as being environmentally responsible, this philosophy is sound business practice and is the way of the future.

Should our processing expertise be of interest to you or your company, please do not hesitate to contact us and outline your requirements and make your need our technology.

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